Goal & Objectives

  • To impart vocational guidance, expertise and training for sustained development, in empowering and creating employability; to the emergency affected, underprivileged and marginalized community over 20 million people in India by 2025.
  • To supplement formal schooling to children and youth with subjects relevant to their protection, wellbeing and psychological needs in a conducive motivated environment.
  • To carry out development of a new strategic framework for skill development for the school drop-outs and existing workers especially in the informal sector in close consultation with industry, micro enterprises in the informal sector, State Governments, experts and academia.
  • Accelerating the march towards globalization, educational programmes are conducted with support of the Human Resource Ministry of the State/Central Government to impart adult literacy, basic eduction for out of school children providing them with life skills, work skills enhancing cultural education. So that respect for their own country’s ancient heritage and culture is developed.