Success Stories

Seema Mirche, Trained in ICT Course

Working as a farmer and the only bread earner for the family was not sufficient to survive with a very low income. And then I heard about the Disha Skills programme for ICT Course which was to train and place Rural ICT Course. I enrolled in the first batch and today I am happily earning good income with my own shop. This would not have been possible without Disha Skills support and guidance.

Vimal Sahu, Trained in Turing Course

The best thing about Disha Skills is that they offer to help you with such a minimal fee. I did not have to worry even a bit, as the fee was nominal and the course time was quite less. The training in the centre was very helpful for me and the method of training made learning very easy. The staff members are friendly and helped me in each problem I faced during the training period. I am very happy and satisfied today, thanks to Disha Skills.

Lokeshwari Dewanagan, Trained in Accounting

Joining Disha Skills has been a turning point in my life. Although I had some basic knowledge about fitting, I was unable to find a job. But after joining Disha Skills not only did I get complete knowledge of the skill; it also helped me in getting all my paperwork done. The skill certificates have made everything much easy for me. The training centre was a good place with a friendly atmosphere and the staff and trainers were very helpful. In just 3 months of training, my career took a big leap. So much in so less time, I am very thankful to Disha Skills !

Sunil Kumar Chelak, Trained in Accounting

I came across Disha Skills a few months ago. Living in Nardaha village I had no chance of working outside and support my family. However after completing training from Disha Skills, I was given this chance by Disha skills to go outside my state and expose myself to better opportunities. I am working as an Operation Assistant right now but I am very confident that in 2 years I’ll be able to become a Manager in this company. I really thank Disha Skills and all their trainers who moulded me and enabled me to rise up to this stage and do something great in my life.

Tulasi Bora

I am grateful to Disha Education for wonderful Training program. I feel obliged to  Disha Education for developing skills of the candidates who are either lacked in communication and personality. I got to learn new skills and knowledge which is now a days demands of every corporates . I got placement at Raipur Dominos Pizza. I am enjoying my work and got an opportunity to implement theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. Mode of Disha Education Training is purely practical based where you get more piratical exposure which you never get anywhere.

Nabajit Saikia, Trained in Retail

The training Program at Disha Skills provided me with unique opportunities to broaden my critical thinking skills and knowledge base in Retail domain. I was able to learn from leading edge trainers  and discuss important issues with them. I feel more prepared to make significant contributions to the Retail profession and to the company I am working.

Mustakul Alam Ahmed, Trained in Retail

I have received a lot from Disha Skills; it has provided me a platform from where I am able to make my standing in the professional world.I had the opportunity to meet with the dynamic and distinguished faculties, who are enthusiastic, friendly patient and highly qualified. With their guidance and constant mentoring I have been able to become a true professional in all the facets of life”.

Minaz Akhter, Trained in Retail

Over the course of this training, I have learned a number of skills, gained a great deal of knowledge, and put into practice core principles that are essential to success in both the private& professional life.

Dipok Das, Trained in Retail

A phenomenal learning experience that has allowed me to work alongside renowned leaders in the Retail profession. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities the DDU-GKY program has provided me. It is a phenomenal learning experience that has allowed me to work alongside renowned leaders in the Retail profession”.

Biki Gogoi, Trained in Retail

I am from Assam. I like studying at Disha Skills . Trainers here are great.  I have improved my English & other skills,and have met new people . The  trainers and staff always give me such good instruction, and help me so much. I am very happy that I came to this  Institute. It is just what I wanted and needed to learn more and help me to reach my future work and personal goals.